The 2017 International Conference on Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom
(IC-GLOW 2017)

Faculty of Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS)
Surakarta, Indonesia, 14-15th October 2017

       Globalization is transforming the contemporary international system. Two major developments have arisen at the expense of the law of the sovereign state. First, specialized regimes of public international law have proliferated into areas previously monopolized by the state, such as human rights, environmental law, trade law and local wisdom. Second, rules enacted by intergovernmental organizations and transnational corporations have become increasingly prominent. Global processes have transformed state law in remarkable ways. At the same time, state law is highly adaptive and plays a significant role in recasting transnational developments. More importantly, the current distinction between global and state law is increasingly blurred in practice. The outcome of these interactions demands a rethinking of what “law” is. Finally, in accordance with the needs to responds the issues on Law and Local Wisdom in an Era of Globalization, Doctoral Program Faculty of Law, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia, will organize The 2017 International Conference on Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom (IC-GLOW 2017) which will be held in Surakarta, Indonesia on 14-15th October 2017.

         The main theme of this conference is “Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom”, therefore the papers should address the broad theme of the conference. The group of papers will be divided into several chambers, there are :

  1. National Law in a Global Era
  2. National Law in the Context of MEA
  3. The Globalization of Law in Welfare State
  4. International Economic Law in a Global Era
  5. Global Capitalism and The Protection of the Third World Countries
  6. Justice in a Global Perspective
  7. Business Law and Globalization
  8. Private Law and Globalization
  9. Islamic Law and Globalization
  10. Criminology and Globalization
  11. Familiy Law and Globalization
  12. The Existence of Local Wisdom in a Globalization
  13. State, Citizen, and Human Rights in a Global Era
  14. Penal Policy in a Global Era
  15. The Shifting of Procedural Law’s Principles in a Global Era
  16. The Role of The Constitutional Court to Promote and Protect the Constitutional Rights of Citizens in a Global Era
  17. The Importance of Intellectual Properthy Rights Implementation for Local Communities to Promote and Protect the Rights of Citizen in a Global Era
  18. Law and Environment
  19. Law and Gender
  20. Environmental Ethics in the Exploration of Food and Energy Resources
  21. Legal Culture, Politics, and Authority
  22. Sustainable Law Development in Psychological of Law Approach
  23. The Effectiveness of The Mechanism of International Dispute’s Settlement
  24. Miscellanous (exclude above chambers )