1. Papers submitted must be original scientific writings and do not contain  elements of plagiarism;
  2. Papers should be written in english for 15-25 pages in A4 paper, 12 point Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing and written in standard and correct grammatical language;
  3. Papers should be written in journal format with by-line-system;
  4. Papers should include title, name of author(s), institutions of the author(s), address of the author(s) institutions, email address of the author(s), abstract and key words;
  5. Title of papers should be specific and describe the content of the article comprehensively;
  6. Abstract should be written vividly, full and complete which describes the essence of the content of the whole writing in one paragraph;
  7. Key words selected must denote the concept of the article in 3-5 terms (horos);
  8. Papers should be written in the followingorder :
  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Research Questions
    3. Research Method
  2. Result and Discussion
  3. Conclusion

      9. Footnotes should be written in the following format :

Books : author’s name, title of the book, place of publication: name of publisher, year published, pagecited.

Journal Article : author’s name, “title of article”, name of journal, volume, number, month and year, pagecited.

Paper or Speech presented in a scientific forum : author’s name, “paper title”, name of forum, place, date, pagecited.

Internet/ Online Sources, example : Simon Butt, “Islam, the State and the Constitutional Court in Indonesia”,, accessed 28 July 2010

     10. References list all books, journals, papers either printed or online cited in the text which is arranged alphabetically in the following order: writer’s name (family name first), year, title, place of publisher, etc;

     11. Papers in Microsoft Word (.doc) document can be sent via email :;

NB : Selected papers will be published at Al-Jami'ah : Journal of Islamic Studies (indexed by Scopus). Unpublished papers will  be returned and authors will be notified.